Welcome to Blistering.io

Date: March 26, 2023

Alas, a quick site refresh. We’ve been debating the when to start building and just decided simply; why not now? I’ve been keen on Cardano as a robust Layer 1 blockchain to build on–we see the potential there–so we’ve followed the project closely, launched a stake pool at epoch 275 [ticker: METAL], and currently have our first project in development (with more on deck to tackle).

I haven’t yet decided how much we’ll reveal and when, but I hope to share as much as possible so that you can follow our progress. It’s an advertising-related tool, that’s all I can say for now. And as this is our maiden project it will be a simple MVP to lay the foundation, but its path is well-charted for upgrades and scaling as fast as we can get there.

And so what is Blistering.io about? We are building and want to build more web3 and Cardano-related things. This site will also be a small hub for our stake pool community. We are keeping things simple to start with and appreciate all you that are also in the space building and just a part of the community.