Blistering Digital Media Kit MVP

Date: January 23rd, 2024

A brief note from Rob Cotter, CEO of Blistering Media Inc…

At the time of this writing, we are a mere 24 hours away from the start of Catalyst Fund 11 voting and we couldn’t be more excited in taking part for the first time!

Our MVP is the first step in bridging our “traditional digital advertising” business with blockchain technology. Specifically, we’ve chosen to build on Cardano, where we first planted a flag by launching the Blistering stake pool (ticker: METAL) way back in June of 2021.

So, what is it we’re trying to accomplish here? You can of course refer directly to our Catalyst proposal and here are some quick topline points:

  • The product: we’ve built a digital advertising booking tool for, one of the largest rock/metal music sites in the world with 2 million visitors and 10 million page views per month.
  • The problem: we are highlighting the lack of transparency in digital advertising, emphasizing the challenges faced by advertisers and web publishers in current market conditions. Our solution aims to create a unified, frictionless buying experience, which is a significant pain point in the industry.
  • Unique selling proposition: the DApp has the ability to provide transparent, on-chain pricing and real-time rate adjustments by web publishers, which sets us apart from traditional digital advertising platforms and sales departments.
  • Target audience: web publishers that are looking to optimize direct sales, provide transparency, and build trustworthy relationships with advertisers.
  • The future: an Ad Campaign Lifecycle Smart Contract, a full-on ad network of sites using the technology, and more!
  • Community impact: greater visibility of Cardano in a practical use case, demonstration of Cardano as a payment option in a non-crypto context, leveraging blockchain as an historical, immutable record of advertising rates.
  • And that’s just the starting point. We’ll attempt miracles with the 75,000 ADA that we’ve requested.

Click here to read the complete Catalyst Fund 11 proposal — we appreciate all voting considerations.

Click here for a test-drive of our current iteration of the ad booking MVP.

I truly appreciate your time and consideration. Please do email or reach me on X directly if you have any questions or want to join us on the journey. It’s always a pleasure to connect.