Building On Cardano

Building On Cardano

At A Glance

January 2024 update: click here to learn about our Catalyst proposal, test-drive our MVP, and connect!

The truth is: we don’t know where this project will take us and while it mightn’t be wise to make such a grand declaration on day 1, the mere thought embodies the spirit of the journey ahead and a nice primer for what’s to come. Yes, we’re talking about blockchain and crypto and web3 and everything in between; drawing outside the proverbial lines and speaking directly to believers. You can doubt the tech, but we don’t. It’s a love affair akin to the rise of the internet in the 90s.

In my formative years, I spent the better part of a decade (and first half of my 20s) trying to convince advertisers that the internet was even a thing. I launched an online magazine in 1998 catering to rock & heavy metal music. Fair enough, that was early days in a small vertical. A few years later I launched an ad network catering to that niche—the largest at the time in said vertical—and we then ultimately bore witness to, contributed, and applauded the collapse of print media. That was satisfying, despite the backdrop of an uncertain, shifting landscape in the music business. Parallel to that downfall was another gem from the music industry: holding onto the ledge of denial of a digital takeover. Meanwhile, it was the wild West of free MP3s, Napster, Limewire, et al. You know the rest of the story: Spotify won. Just like Netflix crushed Blockbuster. And almost everything we touch now is digital.

I and we are here for the technology, and we see a place for blockchain in everyday life. We’ve chosen to build on Cardano for many reasons; its current direction, general philosophy, leadership, decentralization, and security. It’s a financial operating system, and wears many other hats. We’ve decided to focus initially on leveraging Cardano for our own use cases and then we will aim to commercialize products, making them available to the community should there be interest.

Our first launch will be an simple advertising buying tool. It will be more or less a hybrid web2.5 MVP as we work towards a more complete offering in version 2+. It’s a simple idea, a simple product; we’re going to use it to sell ad inventory at a flagship property that we represent. And we’ll keep adding functionality and scrum our way to something greater with each upgrade.

Shout out to everyone in the music business, advertising, marketing, web3… we’re bullish on building in a bear market. Follow us on this site and our socials and our blog to track progress. And please do reach out with any suggestions, contribute to this experiment, or just say hello.

Rob // CEO