Building On Cardano

Building On Cardano

Last Updated: April 28th, 2024

We’re here for the technology and are proponents for blockchain in everyday life, hence we’ve chosen to build on Cardano for many reasons including its current roadmap, leadership, decentralization, and security. It’s a financial operating system that wears multiple hats. It’s a place that allows us to build products atop a battle-tested, distributed network operated by thousands of stake pools worldwide (and we’re proudly one of them).

Quick rewind: I spent the better part of the late 90s/early 2000s trying to convince advertisers that the internet was important. I started an online magazine in 1998 catering to rock, alternative, and heavy metal music and a few years later a vertical advertising network was born as the next logical progression. We then ultimately bore witness, contributed to, and applauded the collapse of print media as a collective sharing the same digital goals. It was satisfying, despite the backdrop of an uncertain, shifting landscape in the music business.

Fast-forward to today, we’re embracing blockchain in a similar manner. Our first Cardano-based product is a media buying tool that helps publishers monetize their web sites. Advertisers are able to buy media in a transparent manner as the rate care of a given site is referenced publicly on chain.

It’s a simple product: “book an ad campaign in just 5 minutes!”. We’re going to use the app to sell ad inventory on a real-world music site with 1+ million monthly users. We’ll keep building iteratively, improve the UX/UI over time, and then close the loop by launching a new type of ad network. We are in a private release right now, but we will start rolling things out in Q3 2024.

On a separate blockchain-related note, I’m also very excited to announce that is now a World Mobile EarthNode Operator! More on that when information surrounding the AyA mainnet is released publicly.

It’s an exciting time to be in the web3 space generally and we’re well-positioned to build useful things and test the waters. Please do reach out if you’re into web3, music, advertising, or just a degen enjoying the crypto scene. And follow me on X to keep up with my reply-guy antics and Cardano-related ramblings.


Rob // CEO