Cardano Stake Pool

Cardano Stake Pool

Ticker: [BLSTR] has been a Cardano stake pool operator since 2021 and we’re ramping up efforts in 2024 to fully immerse ourselves in the blockchain space. We plan to bring real value by spinning up applications for advertisers, web publishers, and media industry in general.

Meanwhile, this stake pool represents our contribution towards Cardano’s infrastructure. There are thousands of us around the world helping secure the blockchain and providing fair, decentralized, and permissionless access to global markets for all.

We are also proud to announce that we are now World Mobile EarthNode operators. World Mobile’s mission of “connecting the unconnected” is a perfect compliment to building on Cardano.

We’d love to have you on board (ticker: BLSTR) if you are seeking a stake pool to support. is a single-pool operator with 1% margin fee and our minPoolCost is 170. All ADA rewards generated will go 100% back into building on Cardano.


Pledge: ADA
Live Stake: ADA
Costs: % + ADA
Blocks in epoch:
Blocks Lifetime:
Return (10 epochs): %
Return (lifetime): %
Pool ID: