Cardano Stake Pool

Cardano Stake Pool

Ticker: [METAL]

The Cardano stake pool became active in June of 2021 around epoch 275. As enthusiasts prior, the stake pool became our first tangible involvement within the Cardano ecosystem.

Coming soon to this page:

  • Updates for delegators
  • How to join our community
  • General resources, FAQs & more

If you’re looking to delegate somewhere, we’d love to have you on board at ticker: METAL. We are a single-pool operator, offer 0% margin fee, our minPoolCost is 170, and we will channel our rewards back into #buildingoncardano (and a charity angle TBA).


Pledge: ADA
Live Stake: ADA
Costs: % + ADA
Blocks in epoch:
Blocks Lifetime:
Return (10 epochs): %
Return (lifetime): %
Pool ID: ()