Digital Media Kit MVP Launching Soon!

Date: November 11th, 2023

We are very close–a few weeks away we hope–to releasing our Digital Media Kit MVP and couldn’t be happier about the progress.

So, what is this project all about and why should you care? It’s hyper-niche and likely won’t appeal to a wide segment of the web3 space or even 99.9% of Cardano fans. However, if you O&O a website and sell digital advertising (or know someone who does), do get in touch, share your thoughts, and we’re always open to collaborations.

In short, our Digital Media Kit allows you to book an ad campaign at our flagship property in less than 5 minutes. It’s a humble beginning. A media buyer willl be able to connect their Cardano wallet and pay with $ADA (or go with traditional payment methods). The second initial web3 hook is that our rate card will be referenced on chain, providing transparency in our advertising rates. From major record labels and concert promoter spending heavily down to indie artists and small companies, everyone will have have an even playing field. That is to say: the same rates. No preferential treatment.

What’s next? More automation. More decentralization. New integrations. And ultimately we want to scale this out with other properties joining the journey and creating a vertical network of other digital properties with like minds in Cardano especially.

In the spirit of #buildinginpublic, we’re going to document the initial release and roadmap all-of-the-above in the public sphere. Stay tuned!